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January 26th, 15
How anabolic steroids work

How anabolic steroids work

Steroid receptors

Anti catabolic–effects of anabolic hormones or steroids

Anabolic steroi...

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Content is a one stop online shop that sells difficult to get medications. Our products are 100% genuine, and we guarantee full money back and total refund if it otherwise. Genuine Steroids and many Slimming medications are hard to find online, most online pharmacies and stores require prescription or sell counterfeit medications. These medications are almost impossible to pass customs in certain countries like Australia or New Zealand if it ships without prescription.
We provide a complete hassle free solution to these problems. Every order with Paypal will be given free prescription by EU recognized Doctor and delivery is fully guaranteed worldwide with full money refund if it is not delivered for whatever reason.

You do not have to search anymore.

We believe that everybody should have access to the widest range of possible medications. The choice should be in the hand of consumers and patients and not goverment authorities. Do you know that some excellant anti cancer medications are approved in Canada and Europe but not in US?

Reduce your weight with MERIDIA, available at our shop.

Many otherwise available drugs, that can saves many lives,are unavailable due to bereaucratic mess. Numerous lawsuits also resulted in many excellant diet aids being taken off the shelves or banned by the FDA. We believe that this is a mistake. The small number of misuse and abuse of these drugs are pale compare to the obesity epidemic raging in US and elsewhere. Year after year , US and Western countries consistently rank top 10 fattest nation in the world. We believe that consumers and patients should be given the widest choice of possible medications.

We have several advantages to other online pharmacies.

  1. Competitive price, lower than most competitors.
  2. Absolutely 100 per cent human grade genuine medications. There are many fakes and veterinarian grade steroids out there so you need to be careful.
  3. Guaranteed delivery worldwide or 100% full refund or resend.
  4. Prescription with each order.
  5. Wide range of payment accepted, including Credit Card and Wire Transfer accepted.
  6. Prompt and quick delivery.
  7. Online tracking. [ Only for country that has EMS affiliated delivery system ]. In US, it is USPS.
  8. Anonymous and plain packaging.
  9. Rare and difficult to find medications.
  10. Worldwide shipping including APO address and PO boxes.
  11. Refund for return goods. See FAQ
  12. Handling of airway bills and custom forms from different countries.

We guarantee each order will arrive safely worldwide including APO address or you can choose either full refund or resend. What differentiate us from others is that we will issue you with a recognized EU prescription with the shipment.We take pride in delivering your order promptly and without any hassle to any country worldwide. We can handle airway bills, invoices and customs forms complete with doctor prescriptions to deliver the medication to you. 

Cheapest Medication Online.
You need to consider and compare a few things before buying.

  1. Content
  2. Price per unit
  3. Volume per package
  4. Brand Name
  5. Country of Origin

WE HAVE THE LOWEST PRICE ,UP TO 70% LESS FOR THE SAME ITEM THAN OUR COMPETITORS. When comparing the same medication or brand, make sure the batch is made in the same country. A Schering ampoule produced in Europe is more expensive than that produced in Pakistan [ under license from parent company]. However they have the same content.


99% of all Internet shop online selling Steroids and Hard to get Medications are selling fakes or just thieves.You can be sure that pharmacies that only accept payments through wire transfer, western union, or cash are definitely scammers. Buyers are not protected with the chargeback that a credit card can offer if items are purchase with Western Union or Wire Transfer, Bitcoin or other non reversible payment method.

Buying counterfeit medications can hurt more than your wallet.For more information on dangers of purchasing counterfeit medications, click here.

We accept payment via credit cards. This way if you believe our medications is not genuine in any way you can always contact your bank and demand refund or charge back. We fully guarantees all our medications are absolutely human grade quality and 100 % genuine. If you are not satisfied with our product in any way, just return for full refund. [Return items must have ¾ of the content to be eligible for full refund].

Do NOT order from sources who only accept payments through wire transfer, western union, or cash. You can be sure they are scammers.

All shipments are shipped quickly in discreet packaging. - Our organization name or anything else that would imply pharmaceutical contents of the package is never used in our shipments. Buyers are free to use a different name other than billing name if their payment pass through.

For more explanations, please read FAQ.

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